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What's your fitness grade?

Customizable design

Built to fit your requirements and needs.  Fitness and or Wellness batteries custom engineered for you or your group.   We can even teach our system to your qualified staff and turn the program over for you to carry on.

We come to you

We’ll schedule to meet your time and can provide equipment to augment where needed.  Options of online and additionally we have an international team of trainers to truly meet you where you are.

Well assess options

Here you will find a listing of the many wellness assessment options.  Separated into their foundational categories, you can find test details along with result expectations based on various age and/or gender groups.

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Connect with us to get started

It would be great to hear from you to answer any questions and examin how our grader programs can be built to fit your business wellness needs, athletic goal and evaluation requirements, or to simply help you utilize the program for your own personal needs.

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What is your Fitness Grade?

Enjoy the best
design and functions combined together

Whatever your setting you must be able to measure to know where you are, where you’ve been and where you are heading.  Our Fit Grader batteries can be custom designed to best meet the functions of your population.


A couple things we’re great at

 Individual account login whether as part of large employer, school or accessing your self assessment portal.  You decide if any, all, or none of your wellness history is available to others.

Easy Access

Your wellness history at your finger tips.  Desktop, laptop, pad, or mobile.  Our platform adjust making your access for review simple.

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness assessment requires a great deal of detail.  Our crew annually trains specifically for our battery of tests as well as maintain current certification and/or degree credentials.

Fit Grades

Graded Assessments

Suggested fitness and wellness assessments will vary based on your population and need.  Here are a few examples.

Vo2 max

via treadmill, stepmill, or track understand the health of your oxygen exchange.

Muscular Endurance

Standardized tempo and technique allow a variety of exercises be used.


Caliper or tape body fat testing, BMI, waist to hip, and more.

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Muscular Power

One rep max testing to a simple verticle jump can be used to calculate peak force production.

Our Wellness Reach

Whether your venue is a gym, workplace, highschool, or home, there is a grader program ready to meet your needs.

Fit/Well Assessments

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Trained Assessors

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Our Team

We present our team of dedicated professionals.  All prepared to work with you in meeting and exceeding your fitness goals and improve your fitness grade.

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