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Alternates and Options

No Gym, No Equipment, No Problem.
Check examples below or think outside the box for similar solutions to exercise challenges.  Hundreds of options if trapped at home.

Goblet Squat KB/DB => (use paint cans or bucket) A 8 60%
Tuck Jump A 2 bw
Pull Up  => (use tree branch elevated deck) 3 bw
OH BB Press => (press a chair, box or child) B 10 55%
Inverted Row => (hang from table or deck) B 10 bw
Turkish Get Up KB => (boot or large tool in hand) C 1e 10#
TRX – IYT => (lay chest on chair or table and rev fly arms) C 3e bw
Farmer Walk => (buckets, bowling ball, or tool box) C 30′ Heavy

Back Squat BB => (forward lunge) 6 60%
MB Underhand Toss => (basketball) A 3 15#
Goblet Squat (w/ curl x3) => (bucket) A 5 60%
Chin Up => (branch or deck) 6 bw
DB Alt Incline Bench => (stagger hands narrow push up) B 10 55%
BB Bent Row => (inverted row from table) B 5 65%
SB Feet On Push Up => (foot elevated push up) C 6 bw
TRX FacePull => (make push ups a release, hands behind head) C 8 bw
KB Windmill => (boot or bucket in hand) C 3e Mod
Monster Walk => (lateral shuffle walk up hill) C 30’e Band

BB Bench Press => (spiderman hindu push up) A 5 75%
MB Chest Toss to Wall => (basketball) A 6 bw
Inverted Row => (from table) B 8 bw
DB Renegade Row => (no weight, slow tempo) B 5 light
SB Triple Threat => (supine towel slide leg curls) C 10 bw
TRX Pistol Squat => (holding pole or rear knee taps) C 5e bw
SL  Bridge D 5e bw
Frog Hop D 3 bw
Waiter Walk => (bucket, chair or just something heavy) Z 40’e Mod
TRX IYT => (prone flys) Z 3e bw